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“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept”…. Dr. Angela Davis

  Greetings and welcome to, where we pride ourselves in recognizing that all crime victims truly matter. We are merging the visibility and buying power of our collective voices with justice-inspired statement pieces with commerce. In doing so, we are simultaneously highlighting the importance of victims’ rights and equal justice by utilizing our collection to invoke meaningful and impactful conversations to inspire positive social changes in our communities and the world.

  My name is Melissa Addison. I am a retired Lieutenant and Criminal Investigator with over twenty-five years of experience in law enforcement. My duties as lead investigator primarily focused on investigating crimes against persons cases such as assaults, domestic violence, and homicides. I am the proud founder and CEO of REVOLT! Reach Every Victim On Time! I created my company after unlawfully losing my law enforcement career for breaking my silence and reporting my own sexual assault, sexual harassment, bullying and retaliation by my chain of command and co-workers. During my quest for justice and accountability of my persecutors, I encountered biases, unfair and unjust treatment by some members of the law enforcement and judicial communities. Unfortunately, biases and injustices are not only systematic and problematic for sexual abuse survivors like me, but also exist in every form of criminality such as police brutality, hate crimes, LGBTQ crimes and other victim populations. Some of you may sadly share a similar experience or know of someone who has.

  Here at, we are excited to offer our justice-inspired merchandise and apparel featuring Lady Justice to represent our support of inclusion, acceptance and most importantly, fair, and equal justice for all.



                                    Reach Every Victim On Time!

 Thank you in advance for visiting our store and REVOLTING with us!




Melissa Addison (Sexual Abuse Survivor, Retired Investigative Lieutenant & CEO)